Dinosaurs Unearthed

October 20, 2011 To March 11, 2012

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Bad Animatronics

Bob - March-12-12

1 Stars

Dinosaurs looked awesome until they started moving. Most looked like they were trying to swim in mid air and blinked excessively.

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Alexander - March-03-12

4 Stars

Worth the visit, my 3 year old son went through the Dinosaur exhibit twice and had a great time doing so! Not to mention the other area.

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Great fun

Julie - February-01-12

5 Stars

Went with a 2 and a 3-year-old - they loved them -especially the interactive exhibit where you could control a dinosaur

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gdfugh - November-12-11

2 Stars

it verry fun

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Jennifer - November-09-11

5 Stars

Visiting from Toronto via Ottawa and we LOVED this exhibit! Frightened my 4-year-old son, but he held our hands and enjoyed it, too. Thanks!

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See it again!

Arthur - November-04-11

4 Stars

Will the dinosaurs be back in the metro? do you know??

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James Sherwood - October-28-11

5 Stars

I love dinosaurs but would not come to Montreal!!

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David - October-21-11

5 Stars

awesome promotion at McGill today!!

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Interesting Promotion at McGill

Tina - October-20-11

3 Stars

Your promotion for the exhibit really scared me when I first saw it at McGill station:

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Press Review

"…you’re going to love the new Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibition at the Montreal Science Centre…"
"…I felt like a kid all over again."
"…It’s very easy to get lost in the moment, which is sure to enthrall both children and adults."

Article on

A few figures: a mammoth exhibition

Recent paleontological discoveries in China have revealed that some dinosaurs sported downy feathers and confirmed that dinosaurs were the ancestors of modern-day birds. In fact, some paleontologists think that dinosaurs, like Tyrannosaurus rex, were covered in feathers until adolescence, which probably helped keep them warm. Dinosaurs Unearthed is the world’s first exhibition to present life-size models of feather-covered dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs Unearthed presents life-size animatronic dinosaurs, including six feather-covered ones, along with more than 20 fossil replicas, among them three complete, full-sized articulated skeletons. The feathered animatronic dinosaurs are in a variety of sizes, from the eight-metre tall Gigantoraptor to the one-metre tall Microraptor. Visitors can even control one of these animated replicas, the Stegosaurus, and guide it through eight different movements. No detail has been neglected to make these animatronic creatures as life-like as possible: every aspect of their design, from skin colour and texture to sounds and movements, is based on paleontological studies, and the feathers are carefully installed by artists.

The exhibition was designed by Dinosaurs Unearthed, a Canadian company based in British Columbia, and has already been a tremendous hit in a number of Canadian and U.S. cities. They may have disappeared 65 million years ago, but these prehistoric giants, including Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus, will soon be roaring to life exclusively at the Montréal Science Centre.


Step back in time to 65 million years ago and even earlier and discover dinosaurs like you’ve never seen them before!

Starring the world’s largest and most realistic animatronic creatures, including some feathered dinosaurs, along with life-size skeletons and lots of fossils, Dinosaurs Unearthed also presents some amazing scientific discoveries.

It’s a fascinating exhibition that includes a self-guided tour for elementary cycle 2 and 3 children and will for sure delight visitors of all ages!

The Dinosaurs

  •  Triceratops
  •  Velociraptor
  •  Tyranosaurus Rex
  •  Stegosaurus
  •  Sinosauropteryx
  •  Protoceratops
  •  Microraptor
  •  Gigantoraptor
  •  Dilophosaurus
  •  Apatosaurus
  •  Allosaurus


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