Musik: From Sound to Emotion

November-02-12 To March-10-13

Come and discover how music can express a wide range of emotions by creating your own music excerpt using an MP3 player. Both professional musicians and scientists will guide you in the 7 major areas of this experience, including choosing the rhythms, melodies and tones that will make up your musical creation. Then share it with your friends!

Have virtual meetings with music researchers from internationally-recognized laboratories who study the science of music, and participate in activities inspired by their research. It’s sure to be an enlightening experience.

With special collaboration from the group Simple Plan.



Zone 1 - Introduction

First, use your MP3 player to listen to, play and compose music throughout the exhibition. Listen to 12 musical pieces that highlight the richness and diversity of music over time, style and cultures.

The 36-Song Challenge

The Weird Instruments of Brigitte Belleville


Simple Plan talks about Musik

Official Sponsor

Jukebox of Emotions

The Jukebox of Emotions allows you to listen to the music compositions of exhibition visitors in real time.…and to experience a variety of emotions!

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Rates - General admission exhibitions

The Game On exhibition is excluded.

Teen 13-17
Child 4-12
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$ 8,50
Senior 60+
$ 40,00
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Package that include the exhibitions and 1 IMAX
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Monday to Friday starting at 8:30 a.m.
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Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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