Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition


The questions teenagers have about sexuality are as legitimate as they are diverse. Structured into five themed zones, this interactive exhibition answers over 100 basic questions about sexuality in an open and positive fashion. 

CASCADE 2011 prize for best exhibition or show for Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition.
The Canadian Association for Science Centres (CASC)

Prix Excellence 2011
Société des musées québécois (SMQ)



Am I like everyone else? What kind of person am I attracted to? Why are some areas of the body called “erogenous”? Teens have a million questions about sexuality. And it’s quite normal.

Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition responds to the main concerns of young people and the not-so-young alike. It broaches sexuality in a positive, frank and respectful manner.

This innovative exhibition was developed with the help of respected specialists (sexologists, doctors and scientists), teaching experts, parents, and teenagers. In the exhibition’s five zones, you will find the answers to over 100 basic questions through 50 interactive games, videos, and original multimedia productions.

Touring Exhibition

Touring Exhibition!

This exhibition is shown at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, in Ottawa, until January 6, 2013.

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