Truth or Lie? The Exhibition

October-11-13 To March-09-14

Unraveling fact from fiction.

Extra powerful energy drinks, a miraculous rock, mind-blowing magic tricks, UFOs, talking to spirits from beyond, a catchy slogan… it all seems quite real, but how can we be certain?  Life is filled with deceitful claims.  Discover the hidden world of magic, illusion, pseudoscience and the media.  Learn how critical thinking and science can help us see through the many illusions that surround us.  Explore an exhibition with over 40 fun and interactive activities that will help you unravel the truth from the lies and that will surprise even the sharpest of minds!

Truth or Lie? The Mission

You can also take the tour. This self-guided quiz will put your critical thinking skills to the test. Will you be able to decipher the secret message? If so, you will find this secret code very useful when playing Truth or Lie? The Game. Good luck!

Feats of levitation in the heart of the city

What a fantastic sight to see...! But was this yogi truly levitating? View the event and decide for yourself.

Reality or Illusion?

Sleight of hand, magic, illusion… Magicians and counterfeiters are experts in the art of making things look like the real thing.  Why can’t we see through the smoke and mirrors?  How do they do it? In this zone, you will learn how to tell reality from illusion.

Illusion, all is illusion!

Test out different optical illusions and discover how far we can go before our senses fail us, and how easily they can be fooled.  Learn a few tricks used by magicians who know all too well how to dupe our senses. Then have loads of fun tricking your friends!

Genuine imitations

Try to guess which substance is really made of wood, and which game console is really a “DS” and see just how difficult it is to tell real from fake.  What if that twenty dollar bill in your pocket is a fake?

Topsy-Turvy World

Roam around in an upside-down setting and lose all your bearings. Reality or illusion?

Truth or lie? The game

Put your critical thinking skills to the test and try to find all the hoaxes in the quiz.

Then, create your very own hoax!  Create a new animal species from scratch with photo snippets of different animals and landscapes. And share your creation on Facebook and Twitter to befuddle your friends, or add it to the exhibition to try and stump other visitors.

Finally, complete the exhibition’s “Mission”, get a secret code and download “Truth or Lie? The Guide” where you will be given six special tricks to help you avoid being duped in real life!

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