America Wild 3D

Running time: 43 minutes

America Wild 3D: National Parks Adventure is an action-packed quest for breathtaking images from inside 30 American national parks. Join a trio of adventurers in this off-trail odyssey in the heart of some of the world’s most remarkable protected lands.   

American pioneers could not have imagined the beauty of the virgin territories stretching out beyond the range. Laying eyes on these magnificent expanses convinced them that these wild lands belong to no one, and should be preserved for everyone. America’s wilderness was to be protected for generations to come. One hundred years later, these landscapes continue to inspire awe thanks to this visionary preservation effort that gave birth to America’s national parks.

Follow MacGillivray Freeman’s team of contemporary explorers into a wilderness filled with wonderment and surprise. Discover stunning vistas and enchanting creatures, and travel through an exhilarating and boundless world of nature. Preserved by generations before us, explore the beauty of these pristine natural treasures brimming with panoramas that reveal the unprecedented magnificence of the American landscape.