IMAX® Technology


The film’s soundtrack is of utmost importance in the IMAX Experience®. It is broadcast throughout the theatre using a high-performance, six-channel sound system, especially designed for IMAX®TELUS theatres.

Recently, the world’s first and only radically redesigned IMAX® sound system called ‘Kanga’ was installed at the IMAX®TELUS theatre. The previous system’s capacity was 15,000 watts; the new system now boasts a 36,000-watt capacity, more than twice the output! The major improvement brought on by this new system is unequalled sound quality: every element of the soundtrack is crystal-clear.

  • The next generation ‘Kanga’ loudspeaker has four times the output capacity over the previous generation loudspeaker.
  • In an IMAX® film, the soundtrack is separate from the film reel, also known as a ‘double system’ sound track. To ensure that the sound is synchronized to the film as it was originally recorded, its synchronization is ensured by an original SampleLock® technology digital signal processor designed by Sonics®, an IMAX® subsidiary.

The new sound system is comprised of six Crest Audio high-fidelity amplifiers with six new Kanga loudspeakers (exclusively developed for IMAX®). The new Kanga speaker is twice as big and powerful (27,000 watts) as its predecessor. Four speakers are strategically located behind the perforated screen and two are located at the back of the theatre (on the right and on the left). Each one weighs about 410 kilos. To complete this new system, eight low frequency 9,000 watts speakers (subwoofers) are placed at the base of the screen and are powered by four Crest Audio high-fidelity amplifiers.

IMAX® sound system characteristics:

  • Six-channel, high-fidelity
  • Sub-bass
  • Digital soundtrack

The effect? Spectators are totally surrounded by the soundtrack. They can hear fine details with remarkable clarity and can physically ‘feel’ the full impact of more intense moments. The sound experience rivals the image: exceptional quality, far beyond anything that conventional theatres can offer.

IMAX® Technology

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