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Games and Experiments


Is your Grandparent a Scientist or a Technologist?

The Science Centre thinks your grandmother or grandfather might be using scientific investigation and technological design processes in their everyday lives. Surprised? Here’s your challenge: Find an example of how your grandparent uses technological design or scientific investigation processes.


Lifeboat Challenge

Play with science and prototyping in the “Lifeboat Challenge”! Put your creativity to work and watch yourself explore and invent! So much fun!
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EXPLORE Photo Rally

What catches your child’s eye when they explore the world around them? Art… science… tech… sports… nature? Do you catch them taking photos with your phone? Then this family activity is right up your alley!
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Looking for a fun scientific experiment? Want to try some cool DIY stuff or watch an awesome video? Check it out! It's all happening here!
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Truth or Lie? The Game

Put your critical thinking skills to the test and try to find all the hoaxes in the quiz. Then, create your very own hoax! Create a new animal species from scratch with photo snippets of different animals and landscapes.
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Climate Tactics

The Spirit Bear is rapidly losing its footing. The pack ice beneath its feet is melting away due to greenhouse gases, but you can help! Eliminate the cloud of gases so that it may find safety. Luckily, Indigenous communities have techniques to fight climate change. Win this tactical card game by choosing the right ones. Beware! The Trickster Spirit has more than one card up its sleeve...
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Sex: A tell-all Exhibition

An original and unique exhibition dealing with sexuality offering young people a unique opportunity to find frank and direct answers about their sexuality and to develop the critical thinking they need to make enlightened and responsible choices. This exhibition was designed with youths, parents, teaching professionals, physicians, sexologists, and health specialists.
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Autopsy of a Murder

Discover the world of criminalistics, also known as forensic science, with the interactive Autopsy of a Murder game. For the original Flash version, follow this link:
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Nicolas Des Alliers, member of the Science Centre’s educational team took advantage of the confinement period to deepen his programming skills and create his very first online educational game. Have fun collecting basic food items and following public health recommendations to avoid spreading the virus! What you know about the virus will help you tremendously during your Coronaventure!
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Morbus Delirium

A highly mutagenic virus called Morbus Delirium spreads with stunning speed and players only have a couple days to find its source, contain the epidemic, and find a cure. Can you stop the epidemic? PLEASE NOTE: Recommended for children 12 years and older. This game was developed before the appearance of the COVID-19 coronavirus under the guidance of public health scientists and historians. It deals with a fictitious virus epidemic. Those worried abou the current pandemic can , talk to their parents about it or reach out to support resources like Tel-Jeunes:
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Mother’s Day

Need a gift idea for Mother’s Day? Here’s a tip! Make a gift! Here’s a tutorial on how to make a pretty wooden bracelet!
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