Pandas 3D

IMAX PROMOTION IN THE EVENING: $5 PARKING WITH THE PURCHASE OF A TICKET AFTER 5PM. VALID AT THE KING-EDWARD QUAY OR CLOCK TOWER QUAY. Visit the main ticket office between 5:00 pm and 8:10 pm to benefit from this offer.

Running time: 40 minutes

Prepare yourself for an endearing encounter with little panda bears learning to be big. Watch these adorable rascals playing, tumbling, nibbling, and sliding at the Chengdu Panda Base in China where life as a panda cub is such a delight it’s almost… unbearable!

But behind all this cute clowning around lies a critical objective. A panda cub named Qian Qian has been chosen for the mission of a lifetime: to help expand the wild panda population. Follow her as she travels out from the panda base and learns to thrive and overcome the trials and tribulations of living in the wild.

Explore with her as she discovers her inner bear with the help of her new friends at the Kilham black bear rehabilitation centre in New Hampshire. Alongside a team of Chinese scientists, watch how wildlife rehabilitators coach Qian Qian as she strives for survival in this adventure filled with friendship, hope, and pure pandamonium!