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The funds raised during our annual benefit evening allow us to continue our mission of raising awareness about science and technology with the young and the young at heart throughout the Greater Montréal region. These funds also allow us to support the Science Center of tomorrow, ensuring that it remains as relevant and innovative as ever! At the last Celebration of Science event, held on February 20, 2020, over $258,000 was raised.

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While we wait to host the 2022 event, support our work by offering the Gift of Science! A donation that makes a difference.

The Foundation helps support access to science for everyone and makes a real difference in the lives of children. Its work helps awaken thousands of young minds to the wonders of science and technology through school programs, the interactive exhibitions and a sponsorship program that helps introduce science to children from disadvantaged backgrounds

We appeal to your generosity!

By making a donation to the Foundation, you are automatically entered to win a one-year family membership to the Science Center. Memberships offer you unlimited access to the Science Centre’s interactive exhibitions and a 50% discount at the IMAX®TELUS theatre.

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Could your next family outing to the Science Centre be the spark that inspires the most important scientific breakthrough of the next 50 years?

This is what we believe, and this is what drives us. Every day, the Science Centre Foundation works at fostering the next generation of scientists, researchers, engineers, technologists (and others!) by sharing its passion for science with youths who may later choose to pursue a career in the field of science.

Science in Action

The support of the Foundation provides the Montréal Science Centre with important resources with which to create innovative, stimulating, and engaging content. Since 2014, the MSC Foundation's contributions have enabled the development of three new Science Centre permanent exhibitions and educational programs and has also helped the MSC to help fund the Eurêka! Festival.

Science Outreach

Thanks to its sponsorship program, every year the Foundation also offers science outreach opportunities to as many children as possible by introducing them to science and technology:

  • Free passes for nearly 10,000 underprivileged youths to spend a day at the Montréal science Centre
  • Free yearly MSC memberships to more than 100 underprivileged families
  • Learn more about the outreach program’s eligibility criteria.

Science of the Future

Visiting the Science Centre from an early age helps children develop an interest in science and can encourage many of them to pursue higher education in the sciences.


Our charitable organization registration number is 88838 0722 RR 001