Tech Up

QSP Connection (Secondary 1,2)

Tech Up

School program

Presented by  OIQ


This program ties into the MEES Learning Related to Academic and Career Guidance (formerly guidance-oriented approach) and the practical component of Science and Technology (competency 1). It allows students to further their self-learning and to discover innovative technology-oriented career options. The careers showcased in this program are presented in collaboration with ChallengeU and OMsignal.

A start-up company has just been awarded a major contract to redesign the Old Port of Montréal’s Clock Tower Beach. This budding young team is highly motivated in establishing a tech career and this contract represents a tremendous opportunity.

How might the team offer visitors an improved and connected beach experience? Will it propose an innovative urban design or perhaps create smart clothing?

Team members must each contribute ingenuity and creativity towards developing a technological solution that will generate investments from new clients. This young team must ultimately build a solid business case to convince prospective clients to buy into their idea.

Does the team have what it takes?

To complete your 5 mandatory hours of Content in Educational and Vocational Guidance in Cycle One, download Tech up Even More! A turnkey activity to do in class!


Length : 90 minutes