The Great Debaters - Human - 2nd cycle

The Great Debaters

The Great Debaters - Human

With the participation of 

Extraordinary Multidisciplinary Workshop: Science & Technology, English, and Ethics & Religious Culture

Members of Parliament, let the session begin! Inside the National Assembly, students must debate over three technological issues with prospects that are more real than we might think: the resurrection of extinct species, the protection of genetic information, and transhuman cyborgs. Taking decisions on these ethical questions won’t be easy! Gladly, three gripping scenarios have been prepared by the Chairperson and the Analyst which outline positions for and against. Students must take a position and use the repository of validated scientific facts to support their arguments and, most importantly, qualify their claims. The opinion of young people is being sought out – this time it’s their turn to make informed recommendations to the government! It’s an ambitious task… and a very thought-provoking one at that!

Duration: 90 min.

Capacity: Two classes/groups per workshop

Special combo with the Human exhibition for secondary student groups

Facts are written specifically in collaboration with Curium magazine to help Cycle 2 secondary students work out how to support their arguments with the help of our educators.

Download the teacher's guide here