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Take action to encourage young people’s passion for science, interest them in science and technology careers and prepare a new generation of highly skilled workers for our companies! Mission

The Montréal Science Centre Foundation

And to make sure that the Science Centre is an essential part of Montréal society, the Foundation organizes prestigious activities that raise its profile, along with funds to help the Centre carry out its mission.

Foundation Annual Benefit

February 16, 2016


Time: Hope to see you for cocktails at 6 p.m.


The last Foundation fundraiser, Celebration of Science 2015, raised $175,000!

The Foundations' sponsorship programme

The Science Centre Foundation cares about the development of young scientists. To introduce as many children as possible to science and technology, the Foundation offers nearly 100 family subscriptions annually to less affluent families. It also enables 10,000 children from disadvantaged schools in the Greater Montreal region to visit the Science Centre for free.

By attending the Science Centre from an early age, young people increase their chances of developing an interest in science and a desire to pursue higher levels of study.

Want to get involved in the development of the next generation?

It couldn't be simpler: offer a sponsorship that will provide one year's free access to the world of science and technology to a family that does not have the means and give their kids a chance to discover a passion for science.

Make a Donation to the Foundation of the Montréal Science Centre

To make a contribution to the Foundation of the Montréal Science Centre, contact André Lussier, Financing Administrator, at 514-496-1960.

To join the President’s Circle or to become a ‘Visionary’ member*, please complete the related document below and mail it along with your payment to:

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To find out more or to donate today, call 514-496-1960.