Social Responsibility

The Montréal Science Centre takes social responsibility seriously. In recent years, we’ve invested in concrete measures to support sustainable development and accessibility as well as community relations. Our efforts on these fronts are ongoing.  

Sustainable Development

The Montréal Science Centre is in the heart of Montréal’s Old Port, a splendid 2.5 km area rich in urban plant life located alongside one of the largest rivers on the American continents. The Science Centre engages in popularizing science, notably as it pertains to key societal issues, including climate change. Sustainable development is consequently an integral aspect of our mandate. We are pleased to share with you the leading initiatives we have put forward over the last few years: 

Greenhouse gases

  • We recover heat from key pieces of equipment and use it to heat one of our buildings.
  • We installed charging stations at King Edward Quay and offer free charging for electric vehicles.

Reducing, restoring, recovering

  • We have a food waste collection area for composting that is also geared towards raising awareness.
  • We have significantly reduced the use of plastic straws at the IMAX®TELUS theatre.
  • We have purchased cups and popcorn bags made from compostable materials.
  • We have adopted new distribution methods for visitor information (i.e. signage, wall-size floor plans, website) to significantly reduce the number of printed materials we produce.
  • We have significantly reduced in the number of printed flyers in our display racks.
  • We only purchase recycled paper for internal use and have reduced our overall consumption of paper.
  • We have installed digital displays to replace printed-material bulletin boards.
  • We have replaced individual non-recyclable plastic dairy milkers with recyclable milk cartons.
  • We use reusable (rather than disposable) 3D glasses in the IMAX®TELUX theatre.

Community Relations

The Montréal Science Centre’s mission is to make science accessible to the widest public possible.

  • With the help of our Foundation, we have offered thousands of free Science Centre passes to underprivileged families on an ongoing basis since 2001. (learn more)

  • With the help of La tablée des chefs, we redistribute to the community all food surplus generated by events held in the Science Centre’s rental halls.

  • During Montréal Museums Day events, the Science Centre offers the public free access to all our permanent exhibitions. (learn more)

  • Since the launch of the Women and Girls of Science initiative in 2018 (whose aim is to encourage girls from Greater Montréal to explore careers in science), the Science Centre has welcomed more than 1,500 girls aged 17 and under at no charge and introduced them to inspiring women engaged in science. (learn more)

  • We travel to areas located more than 80 km from Montréal to offer educational group activities.

  • We disseminate scientific content on web-based platforms (blogs, online games, videos, etc.).


As part of our commitment to Canada’s Act to ensure a barrier-free Canada (Bill C-81), we will be working towards improving accessibility features on our website as well as promoting accessibility across our services and our installations. As such, we are pleased to share with you our accessibility action plan.


The Montréal Science Centre was certified as an accessible site for persons with reduced mobility. Our establishment is compliant with the majority of the accessibility rating requirements outlined by Kéroul (a non-profit organization promoting accessibility for cultural and tourist activities). As such, we are supporting the autonomy of persons with reduced mobility. Consult our Kéroul profile.

Further improvements have been proposed, evaluated and adopted, including:

  • Improved signage on building entrances and accessible washrooms
  • Training for our agents to help them better welcome persons with disabilities
  • Refitting of certain washroom equipment  
  • Additional signage in the IMAX®TELUS theatre for reserved seating
  • Installation of an adult washroom facility with a dressing table
  • Installation of a gender-neutral washroom

To learn more about all our planned improvements:


We understand that your visit planning often starts on our website. Accordingly, we are committed to implementing a number of changes no later than December 2020. These include: 

  • Visual overhaul – Our objective is to improve site contrasts, visibility, and ergonomics on both our desktop and mobile sites.
  • Upgrade to WCAG 2.0 standards – This will make content from our sites more accessible to wider segments of the population living with disabilities



We’re here to listen if you have any questions, suggestions or comments about accessibility. Contact us and a member of our team will be happy to follow up with you.

514 496-7678  /  1 800 971-7678