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Educational tools - Teaching guide and student files.

To accompany students from Secondary 1-2-3, the Montréal Science Centre has conceived two Situations of Learning and Evaluation (SLE), based on Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition! These situations, proposed within the framework of an interdisciplinary project, offer to teachers a unique opportunity to approach the sexuality subject with their pupils and to think about this mysterious dimension of teenager’s life.

Mainly, the project consists in writing a contemporary story about Romeo and Juliet. With the help of this imaginary story, teens have to integrate different aspects of sexuality from birth to adulthood, and be able to explain to other youth specific scientific contents.

Three PDF files are available:

Teacher's guide (PDF)

Instructions for Secondary Cycle One students (PDF)

Instructions for first year Secondary Cycle Two students (PDF)


On the trail of Terawattus Energivorus!

Join the investigation! With Inspector 00Watt and his toolkit full of case files, games and science experiments, turn your students into ambassadors for energy conservation.

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N.B.: The number of kits is limited.