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Mini Mondo

 For children under 7 

Excellence Prize 2022 awarded by the Société des musées du Québec


Step inside Mini Mondo, a fascinating, interactive world where children adventure out and explore their environment. 

Here they’ll find objects to handle, smells to take in, sounds to listen to, and just about everything to see… All that, plus so much fun! In the city, they learn how to grow vegetables in the garden. Which ones can go in the lunchbox? In the forest, their little hands can touch bark and pebbles. There are animal tracks to follow too! Look! A deer was here! So, what lives in the river? Plenty of fish waiting to be spotted! So many remarkable things to discover in our wonderful little world!

And there’s more! This exhibition design is very welcoming… and inclusive too! Young ones and their parents can learn and recognize new words from different languages. Besides English and French, they’ll also find Creole, Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese translations around the room. How do you say carrot in Spanish? Zanahoria!

The Mini Mondo space also has a lactation room and a family-size washroom too, all to make things a bit easier for moms and dads.

Come and see! There’s a whole world waiting inside Mini Mondo!

The capacity of the Mini Mondo space is reduced to help limit the spread of COVID-19. You may have to wait to access the space when you arrive.