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Montréal Science Centre to try and set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title

Trying to set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title is an exceptional opportunity and involves a ton of hard work! Here’s your chance to take part in an official attempt thanks to the Montréal Science Centre and its all-new feature exhibition The Science of Guinness World Records®. Come take part in a pile of fun!

The attempt will be led by the popular and colourful chemist Yannick Bergeron in partnerships with Polytechnique Montréal’s chemical engineering department.

The event will include all sorts of fun and laughter where participants will also learn all about the science of slime and slime making!
• What is a chemical reaction?
• Why is slime so slimy?
• What ingredients go into making extra special slime?

Participants will all take part in making two different batches of slime using high-grade ingredients plus they will get to take both batches home with them!


Download the press release.