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Feb. 1 - Feb. 11 2021

UQAM Presents “Women and Girls of Science 2021”



From February 1 to 11, the Science Centre and UQAM’s Faculty of Science present the 4th edition of the Women and Girls of Science event in a virtual format. This year’s theme is prototyping!

We’ve got an eleven-day virtual program in the works to mark February 11, the UN’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science — because we all want to motivate and support every girl’s interest in science and technology. Online activities and content designed for parents and teachers alike.

Yes, of course! Boys are welcome too!



Free online program held over 11 days

Sign up for this Facebook event and get access to new content every day from February 1 to 11. Invite those budding scientists of yours to discover and explore science and technology and let them be inspired by women of science! The program includes a web-series, learning activities, stories of science, and more…!


Meet inspiring scientists (for kids 10 and up)

Meet inspiring women working in science and technology. They will be talking to us about how they made it there and about women’s place in science. Cool stories everyone will enjoy! A great opportunity to explore the many, many fascinating careers from the world of science and technology.


L’Fabrik – The mini-series (kids 8 and up)

Watch as one master’s student and two PhD students from UQAM’s Faculty of Science race against the clock in a prototyping challenge!

Don’t miss it! Three episodes of science, inspiration, trial and error, invention… it’s an adventure! Will they solve the challenge?


Fun with Science (for kids 8 to 12)

You too can play with science and prototyping in the “Lifeboat Challenge”! Put creativity to work and watch your little geniuses explore and invent! They’ll love it!




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Are you a teacher?

The Science Centre has prepared some special content just for you.