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Feb. 11 - Feb. 11 2018

Women and Science - 2018

On Sunday, February 11, the Montreal Science Centre will take part in the United Nation's International Day of Women and Girls of Science with its Women & Science event. The goal of the event is to inspire and promote the participation of women and girls in science. The event will comprise four sections:

FREE admission to exhibitions for girls 18 and under

Including our permanent exhibitions and the Indigenous Ingenuity exhibition. Free entry will be available at the Science Centre box office on the day of the event only. Proof of age may be required.

A career in science? Now we're talking! 

The Science Centre has invited a number of organizations working in a wide range of fields from artificial intelligence to video games, engineering and biopharmaceuticals ­– something for everyone! It will be a great opportunity to meet inspiring women and discover the fascinating choice of careers available in science and technology. There will be representatives from:

Fun with science

The Science Centre has a number of talented educators who will be leading interactive scientific presentations during the event. In addition, we have invited four organizations to host entertaining, interactive workshops:


Follow our blog (in French)

Starting in mid-January, the Science Centre blog will post portraits of inspiring women from yesterday and today. Be sure to share them with girls that you know.


Mark your calendars: Sunday, February 11 from 10 am at the Science Centre!


The official video of the International Day of Women and Girls of Science :