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Food Justice… How Sweet It Is

October 5 2021 | Catalina Ville…

In early October, as part of our Mini Menu event, the Science Centre will be teaming up with three Montréal-based organizations that take food justice to heart. The event will invite families to visit the new Mini Mondo exhibition, designed for children aged 0 to 7, and to participate in special activities centred around food. Let us tell you more about the missions of our event partners!

Cultures Coming Together
Cuisine et vie collectives Saint-Roch 

Cuisine et vie collective Saint-Roch is a not-for-profit organization that has been working in Montréal’s multiethnic Park Extension neighbourhood for thirty years now. Its mission is to help people break their isolation and develop networks to increase their food security and food independence. The organization’s work revolves around sharing, cooking, and eating and making it all as affordable as possible. They organize collective kitchens, nutrition workshops, and group outings and they serve low-cost meals, distribute food, and even offer a special food pick-up program called Sac-Recettes Le tour de la Terre that provides recipes from around the world along with the ingredients. Their work helps people share their time and their culinary talents. Think of it has bringing the whole world together around a meal.


Photo with permission of Cuisine et vie collectives Saint-Roch

Fighting Food Waste and Poverty
Centre de ressources et d’action communautaire de La Petite-Patrie (CRACPP)

CRACPP helps support food security for residents of Montréal’s La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood and they do it by fighting food waste. One of its most well-known initiatives, called La Récolte engagée (the conscientious harvest), collects unsold fruits and vegetables from Jean-Talon market. With the help of its sizable team of volunteers, they rescue over one ton of food every week that they then sort and distribute back into the community through various food counter initiatives as well as its own Les Marchés engagés (conscientious markets) project. They also receive large volumes of a variety of fruits and vegetables that are either damaged or simply less popular which they then put to good use thanks to their project Les Cuisines créatives (creative kitchens). Everything makes it to the plate! Nothing is wasted!


Photo : Charline Robert-Lamy, CRACPP

Inclusiveness Baked Right In
SINGA Québec 

SINGA Québec’s food program is focused on supporting social inclusion and food justice by rallying the culinary talents of women with unordinary immigration stories. Its project, called Un rêve dans votre assisette (plate of dreams), has helped six women from different countries share delicious recipes from their native countries with local Montréalers. The project has helped them enhance their chef skills while at the same time integrate their new home country and the job market. The meals they prepare are served at La Place Commune located near Parc Jarry. Their menus are developed using the unsold fruits and vegetables they collect directly from farms. Talk about a perfect blend of ingredients!


Photo: SINGA Québec Facebook page

The Science Centre team warmly thanks these three organizations for giving back to the community and promoting food justice. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them or to similar groups working in your area. They will be happy to serve you or have you volunteer your time!