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Should we pull out dandelions ?

May 10 2022 | Catalina Ville…

Many consider dandelions on their lawn a nuisance and hurry to pull them out in the spring. Yet biology and beekeeping experts say that we should let them grow and let those little pollinators get something to eat after surviving the long winter months.


In fact, these early-blooming flowers are really important for bees. By the time spring comes around, bees don't have any honey reserves left and leaving something for them to eat is even more important now that we are seeing a 25% decline in bee populations. And let’s not forget the essential role these pollinators play in preserving our ecosystems… and in keeping food on our plates! That's right, one third of everything we eat is pollinated by our friends the bees!

So, if you think the grass is greener on your neighbour’s lawn… just remember, the bees will be happier on yours!


Catalina Villegas Burgos
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Catalina Villegas has a bachelor’s degree in physics engineering but found her calling in popularizing science and science outreach. This is what she has done at the Montréal Science Centre where she also has performed content research for its exhibitions and programs. Her other interests include art, caricature, origami, and literature.