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The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ of the largest slime lesson in pictures

July 19 2022 | Loïc Leroux-Gaullier

On June 19, 491 incredible participants entered the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ book by participating in the largest slime lesson ever held at the Science Centre.

Hosted by colorful chemist, Yannick Bergeron, and conducted in partnership with Polytechnique Montreal's Department of Chemical Engineering, the record-breaking event allowed children and their families to understand the science behind slime and make their own slimes. Two scientific recipes were made as part of the record and all participants were able to leave with their creations.

Relive this unforgettable moment with this gallery of over 80 photos!

Don't miss the opportunity to break more records in the Science of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ exhibition, through September 5, 2022.



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