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Oct. 9 - Mar. 12 2023

Dinosaurs Around the World

Come walk among life-sized animatronic dinosaurs!

Imagine yourself in a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth… Then imagine you are on a million-year journey to witness the breakup of Pangea, the evolution of hundreds of species of dinosaurs, and the eventual end of the Age of Reptiles. 


Dinosaurs were the dominant terrestrial animals throughout the Mesozoic Era. During their remarkable 172-million-year reign, they adapted into a variety of forms from long-necked herbivores to the mighty T. rex! Thanks to continental drift and the land bridges that would appear and disappear from sea-level fluctuations and volcanic activity, dinosaurs eventually populated all corners of the globe, leaving each continent with its own unique assortment of giant reptiles. Dinosaurs Around the World is your front-row ticket to this incredible story!


A highly interactive exhibition!

  • See 20 life-sized dinosaurs that move and make sounds!
  • Ride giant Tyrannosaurus rex, Apatosaurus and Mojoceratops!
  • Play with paleontologist tools!
  • Slide down the back of a sauropod!
  • And even touch a real 67-million-year-old hadrosaur fossil!


Learn and have fun at the same time!

Created in collaboration with renowned dinosaur paleontologist Dr. Gregory M. Erickson — one of only 150 specialists in the world! — Dinosaurs Around the World introduces you to the geology and geography of the Age of the Reptiles, the evolution of reptiles over 172 million years, as well as climatology and paleontology.


Enjoy a discount when you combine your visit with a screening of the IMAX® film Dinosaurs of Antarctica 3D at the IMAX®TELUS theatre!

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A guide for accompanying people with special needs

All the information you need to fully enjoy your experience is there! Consult the guide here


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