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Jan. 13 - Mar. 18 2018



Come let your hair down and discover an extraordin-hairy side of nature! Watch as humans, plants, and animals alike reveal some of their greatest assets: their hairs. A marvellously silly and shaggy excursion into the furry wonders of hair through three different zones that comb through its anatomy and diversity from manes, fur, and whiskers to beards, down, and hair.

No hair is left out of place in this exhibition that lets visitors run their fingers through texts, photos, specimens, and amusing hands-on educational activities. Young visitors will also get a kick out of the grooming salon and a collection of hairy costumes.

Zone 1 is a showcase of the wide world of hairs and explores their origin, their function, and their anatomical characteristics. Visitors can test their skills by spotting hairs mismatched with the wrong body and pairing specialized hairs with the right creature.

Zone 2 is a luscious hands-on exploration of fur in all its diversity. Visitors are asked to identify and matchup furs with their rightful owners and complete a quiz to find out which breed of dog they resemble most.

Human bodies have around 5 million hair follicles, and 1 million of those are found on the head. In Zone 3, visitors can swap heads and try on different hair ornaments, and can also learn about the hair-splitting work of scientists at an interactive video station. Laboratory hair analysis can reveal a great many things from a person’s hair, including their lifestyle and living conditions.